What is split testing?

Split testing provides a means of comparing two or more unique strategies for opt-in forms in a controlled experiment.

By testing and then analyzing results, we can get a better understanding of what our website visitors and subscribers respond best to, allowing for optimization of our email marketing campaigns

Examples of Common Split Tests:

Opt-In Forms

Through split testing opt-in forms, we can adjust aspects of a form and its appearance to track which tend to provide more or less responsive subscribers.

Useful tests include:

Comparing different incentives in the form's headline
Adding or omitting fields (e.g. phone number, address)
Using varying text to label the submit button (e.g. "Sign Me Up!", "Get Your Free Newsletter")

These Are Just A Few Examples ...

Part of the beauty of email marketing is the availability of results specific to forms, along with an ability to test different ideas.

If you find yourself split on two ideas or would like to try a strategy before going with it consistently, don't take a shot in the dark - split test and see how subscribers respond.

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