How are messages checked for broken links?

We all make mistakes. Fortunately, if you don't catch the typo in your URL addresses you enter for your links, an automatic link checker will.

How Are Links Automatically Checked?

When you enter in a URL into your message, you will highlight the word or phrase you want to be hyperlinked. Once you have the word or phrase highlighted and the hyperlink button is clicked, a window will pop up for you to enter the URL.

Link pop up to enter your URL

If you were to enter in an invalid URL, the message editor will check the link and notify you that the page does not exist in the edit link window. If you see this, you will need to make the necessary changes to the URL.

Page Does Not Exist error message

When you successfully enter a valid URL into the edit link window, you will be prompted with a "Valid" indication from the link window.

Valid URL

What If I Receive An Error For My URL, But I Know The URL Is Valid?

If you know your website URL is valid and you're receiving an error indication, the issue could be with the validation of that webpage. We would recommend checking that full URL in your web browser to confirm it is valid, but once you know the URL works as intended, you can keep it for your hyperlink.

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