How can I let subscribers choose their message frequency?

Offering your list a chance to receive messages on their own schedule is a great way to engage your active readers. It also gives you the ability to optimize content for each specific audience as soon as they sign up. Using Campaigns, you can set up a sign up form with frequency options and tag subscribers accordingly. 

In this article, we will cover how to give your subscribers the option to choose their message frequency.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Once you create a sign up form, click "Create a New Custom Field".

    Create a New Custom Field button
  2. You will have to name this field. For this example, we'll be using "Frequency". Once named, click "Next".

    Name custom field Frequency
  3. Using either Select Box or Radio options, create the options for frequency of sending and the tags for each corresponding campaign.

    Create frequency options with tags

    Make sure to checkoff for this being "Required" as well. Then click "Save Field".

    Required field checkbox
  4. Next you will need to create the campaigns for each option. In the example below, we have one for Daily, Bi-Weekly, and Weekly sending.

    List of campaign based on frequency
  5. Match the option we created in the form to each Tag Applied trigger.

    Campaign trigger set for tag daily

Congratulations! Subscribers can now select how often they receive messages which will then trigger the corresponding campaign.  Make sure you set your Wait actions in the campaigns to correspond to the sending frequency you want for each.

How to Send a Broadcast to one of these Groups

If you want to send a message to one of these particular groups, that is also easy to do. We'll cover the steps for this below.

  1. To create that segment, use the Tag option and enter the tag you're using. Once you do, click "Search".

    Blue Search button highlighted in Select Field section
  2. Name and then "Save" this segment.

    Green Save button highlighted in Save As Segment section
  3. When scheduling the Broadcast, select that segment to send to.

    Segment selected in Choose A Segment drop down menu in Schedule a Broadcast popup window



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