How do I adjust the placement / alignment of my images?

When inserting one or multiple images in a message, there may be certain ways that you want to align it. You can have text wrap around an image, have text below a left or right aligned image, and you can even have multiple images placed horizontally. 

In this article, we will review the different ways you can place images in your message. 

Having text wrap around your image

  1. First, insert your image into your message.

    Image in message of vegetable ingredients
  2. After your image is inserted, drag a Paragraph block below your image and enter your text.

    Sample text in paragraph element below image

  3. Click on your image and, from the "Image Alignment" menu on the right, you can select to "Left" or "Right" align your image.

    Image Alignment menut

    When this is done, it will cause the text to wrap around the image.

    Example showing the text wrapping around original image added

Having text below a left/right aligned image

If you do not want the text below your image to automatically wrap around the left/right aligned image above it, then you can follow the steps below.

  1. First, insert the image into your message. When doing this method, you want to make sure the image is at the bottom of the section you are working in. In this example, the image is at the bottom of some text that has already been inserted. The goal is to left align the image and insert additional text below it.

    An image element below text in a paragraph element

  2. After your image is inserted, use the "Row" element to add a new row directly below the image.

    Empty Row below Image element

    Once you drop the row under the image element, you will be able to add additional elements to it.

    Text in new row below image

  3. Insert a Paragraph element to the new row to add additional text.

    Text in new row below image
  4. Now you can click on your image and choose to "Left" or "Right" align your image from the "Image Alignment" options on the right-hand side of the editor. 

    Options to align the image

    Once your image is aligned, the text will not wrap around it because it is in the row below the image.

    Example of an image with no text wrapping above or below

Another great reason for wanting to use this method of inserting an image is if you have a bunch of text typed out and you want to insert an image in between the text. What you can do is separate your text into two separate Paragraph blocks like above (as opposed to having it all in one Paragraph block). Then the image can be inserted in between the Paragraph blocks as shown in the example above.

Inserting multiple images next to each other

There may be times that you will want to insert multiple images next to each other. In the steps below, we will explain how you can insert multiple images next to each within the content of a message. The end result will be a block of some text, multiple images lined up horizontally below the text, and then some more text below those images.

  1. Unlike the other instructions in this article, you will first want to start by inserting a row in your message. Click and drag the "Row" element to the desired location in the body of your message.

    Row Element Highlighted

    You will want to repeat this one more time. This way, you will have added two rows and your message will look like this:

    Two empty row elements stacked

  2. Now, click on the first row that you inserted. From the "Row" options that appear on the right-hand side of the message editor, you can add a column under "Add Column" by clicking "Add Left" or "Add Right".

    Row options to add columns

    Repeat this for the number of images that you want to insert next to each other. Each image will go into its own column. In this example, we are inserting four columns so that we can add four images.

    Example of four image placeholders side by side

    When you insert columns, they will be the same size by default. If you would like to manually adjust the size of two adjacent columns, just click on one of them and drag it from left to right.

    Example gif showing to drag columns borders to resize

  3. Now you can add image blocks into each of the columns. If you want all of your images aligned to the left, then you will just want to click on each image and select "Left" alignment from the options on the right-hand side of the message editor. 

    Options to align images

  4. Now that the images are all inserted and aligned, you can add another Paragraph element to the section below the images to continue working on your messages.

    Example of four side by side images with new text centered below

What if I have issues designing my messages?

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