How do I remove a Broadcast from my Archive?

When you send a broadcast message, by default the option to "Share" the broadcast message to your archive is set. This option can be toggled "ON" and "OFF" prior to being sent as well as after the broadcast message is sent. This article explains how to remove a broadcast message from your archive after already being sent.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click the "Messages" tab and select "Broadcasts." Them, click on the subject line of the sent broadcast message you would like to remove from your archive.

    Click on a broadcast

  2. You are directed to the "Quick Stats" of your broadcast. Scroll down to the "Broadcast Archive Links" section.

    Archive toggle

  3. Click the "ON / OFF" toggle switch and this will remove your message from your archive.

    Turn the toggle off

That's it! Now your previously sent broadcast message will be removed from your archive so others cannot view that message. If you ever want to add the broadcast back to the archive, just toggle the "ON / OFF" switch back to "ON".

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