How do I left align my plain message?

If you would like to create a plain left aligned HTML message - just text and links - you can easily do this in AWeber's Drag & Drop Email Builder. Our templates are designed to be centered; however, we do offer a left aligned template in our Drag & Drop Email Builder.

Please note that the instructions below are for messages created using our Drag & Drop Email Builder.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. When you create a new message, click the "Templates" button in the right hand side of the message editor. This will be located under your "Message Properties" section.

    Click Templates button

  2. Here, click the "Categories" button.

    Click categories section

  3. Select the "Corporate" category.

    Select Corporate

  4. Next, click the Plain template. Be sure to select the "Left" option found underneath the template thumbnail.

    Select Left Plain Template

    Note: If your message was already created in the left aligned template, you can check the "Keep My Message Content" before loading the plain, left aligned template. You will not lose any of your written content by doing this.

    Check Keep My Message Content box

That's it! Now, your plain HTML message will be left aligned.

Example of left aligned message

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