What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Real Simple Syndication" which is a specific type of file format that can be automatically read by News Readers that subscribers have installed on their computers or access online.

Many websites publish an RSS feed that a visitor can add to their news reader. When a new item is published, the visitor will receive an automatic update letting them know that.

RSS is Good...

RSS is a method of receiving news without using email and without the potential problems of email filters inaccurately filtering messages.

But It's Not A Replacement For Email

RSS is a new technology that according to a 2005 Yahoo survey showed only about 12% of internet users had heard of RSS and only 4% have knowingly used RSS.

With these statistics in mind, RSS is an interesting new avenue for distributing content but isn't about to replace email any time soon.

Our blog automation campaigns helps customers to utilize the strengths of both RSS and email.

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