Does AWeber have an API?

Yes, AWeber has an API, allowing customers to easily connect their AWeber accounts with other sites and services online. AWeber users don't really need to interact with the API itself at all - you can simply use AWeber integrations that developers have already created.

If you are an AWeber customer, you will not need to interact with the API directly - you'll just install and use the integrations that developers have created. For instance, to use the AWeber Webform Widget for Wordpress, you just install the plugin on your Wordpress site and use it from within your Wordpress control panel.

Authorizing Integrations

Authorizing integrations designed to work with AWeber should be explained by the site or person that provided that integration. If you do run into any trouble with the process, or have any questions about authorizing integrations to be able to access your account, take a look at this article.

Removing Integrations

As with connecting integrations, deactivating them will mostly be a matter of either changing the settings of the integration on the site that offered it to you in the first place, or simply uninstalling the integration. For information on completely removing connections to your AWeber account, read our knowledge base article on the subject.

The Integrations Showcase

If you click the "Integrations" link in the upper right of your AWeber account, you'll be taken to our "Integrations Showcase."


Here you will see integrations that we have highlighted, either because we developed them, because they've been very popular, or because they're just plain cool. After clicking on any integration listed, a brief description is provided as well as an "Enable" button allowing you to start using the integration.

API integration reaction

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