How do I integrate PayPal with AWeber?

Using our PayPal integration you'll have the ability to:

  • Add customers who make a PayPal payment to any of your lists.
  • Add a tag to a new or existing subscriber based on a purchase that was completed.
  • Add and remove subscribers from your lists who make recurring subscription payments through PayPal.
  • View PayPal purchases automatically through built-in Sales Tracking.

You can easily integrate PayPal with AWeber through our PayPal app located on the Integrations page.

API submissions from this integration will be added without having to confirm their subscription by default. If you would still like confirmation message sent, just contact our customer solutions team.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. In your account, click the Integrations tab in the navigation bar on the left side of the page.
    Click Integrations

  2. Find the PayPal app under the "Available Integrations" tab and click on it.

    Click the PayPal logo

    On the next page, click "Connect Integration".

    Click Connect Integration

    You may be asked to log in to PayPal at this point. After you're logged into PayPal, simply click "Grant Permission".

    Click Grant Permission

  3. Back on the "Integrations" page, under "Connected integrations", click on the PayPal integration. Under "Connection settings," copy the "Notification URL."

    Notification URL

    With that copied, go to the Instant Payment Notification page in your PayPal account (you may be asked to log into PayPal at this point), then find the "Choose IPN Settings" on this page and click it.

    On the new page, paste the URL you copied into the Notification URL area, make sure that you click the radio button next to "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)", then click "Save."

    Paste the Notification URl and click Enable

  4. Back in the the PayPal integration within your AWeber account, you can now choose the list to which you would like customers added using the drop-down menu under the "List automation" heading.

    Select list to add customers to

    With that done, the PayPal app will start adding subscribers to the list you've chosen. You can also apply tags to subscribers when they make a purchase. Add the tags that you would like to apply to your subscribers in the "Add Tags" box. If you want to use multiple tags, separate them with commas.

    Add tags to subscribers

PayPal Sales Tracking

Purchases made through the PayPal Integration will automatically be included in Sales Tracking. The sales will display on the Dashboard Sales Widget, Subscriber Information and in Reports.

Sales data displays in a buyer’s Subscriber Information under the Subscribers tab.

View Sales in Subscriber Information

You can also view sales made via PayPal in the Reports tab under Sales over time

View Sales Over Time

A breakdown of each sale displays below the Sales tracked over time graph. The sales type will read as Ecommerce along with any sales made using Landing Pages.

View Subscriber Sales

Only sales made after the implementation of this feature on December 15, 2021, will appear under sales tracking.

PayPal Buttons

Certain PayPal accounts provide you with buttons for customers to purchase your products from you. You may not only want to market your products through email, but you may also want to sell your products directly through email as well.

Please Note

  • Only one PayPal account can be integrated with your AWeber account.

  • If you notice a subscriber has not been added, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Solutions team. When the IPN details from a purchase are provided, our Customer Solutions team can investigate further. 

  • If you have a subscriber make a purchase and they are listed as an unsubscribe in your list, you will see sales activity tracked for them in their subscriber activity. Also, if they are unsubscribed, no messages are going to be sent; a recent purchase would not resubscribe a customer.

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