How do I create a Blog Broadcast?

Building a strong readership by sending your blog articles straight to the inbox of subscribers is simple. Just set up a blog broadcast following these steps:

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Step by Step Instructions

  1. Under the Messages tab, select Blog Broadcasts.

    Click the Blog Broadcasts page

  2. Then, click the "Create A Blog Broadcast" button.

    Click Create a Blog Broadcast

  3. Start by entering your RSS feed URL for your blog in that first field.

    Enter your RSS Feed URL

    If you don't have this address handy, view our knowledge base article on finding the RSS Feed URL for your blog.

  4. Since the Blog Broadcast feature works by pulling the content from your blog and reformatting it into a template, you'll need to select one. You'll find a long list to choose from to the right of the HTML message area.

    Select a template

    You can scroll through the list and view previews of each. Once you've chosen the template you'd like to use, click on the Load Template button.

    Scroll down the page to view or edit the template's appearance. If you decide on another template later on, you can always repeat this step.

  5. Next, you'll need to schedule when your broadcasts will be sent out.

    First, choose whether you would like to send them at a specific time of day. If the time of day is unimportant to you, you can leave this set to "Immediately."

    Choose send times

    Second, you'll need to choose what should trigger the blog broadcast to be sent.

    You can choose a number of new posts which will trigger the send:

    Select number of posts to send per message

    Or choose to have it send on specific days of each month:

    Set specific days to send

    Finish setting the schedule for your blog broadcast by deciding whether to have it sent automatically. Just check the box to make the process automatic!

    Check to Send Automatically

    If you want to be able to review each message manually, leave "Send Automatically" unchecked - you'll be able to review the messages under the "Messages" tab, "Broadcast", and queue them to be sent from that page.

    You have a wide array of options for scheduling your blog broadcast - if you're interested in the specifics, you can.

  6. Once you're done, simply click "Save Blog Broadcast" at the bottom of the page. This will complete the setup of your blog broadcast - it will start working immediately.

    Click Save Blog Broadcast

  7. You may want to check a few things before logging out. First, on the Blog Broadcast page, you can test the blog broadcast you just created. This is highly recommended, if only to double check that you're happy with the template you chose.

    Your blog broadcast also creates messages based on the content already on your blog when it was created. To take a look at this, click on "Broadcasts" under the "Messages" tab.

    Click the Broadcasts option

    At the broadcasts section, you should see a subsection called Blog Broadcast Drafts. These messages were created by your new blog broadcast. You can click the subject line to view them, click the "Send Now" button to send them out to your list, or simply click the "Delete" link under their subject lines to delete them.

    pulled blog broadcasts will pull here and you can send, delete or copy to drafts
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