Does AWeber offer a survey feature?

There are clear benefits to surveying your subscribers, and we often recommend soliciting feedback as a way to learn more about subscribers and emphasize your concern for what they value and want to see in your campaign.

We have a survey template that you can use, but if you need a more robust option, there are many services freely available that you can use to build surveys.

Three survey services with free accounts available are:

How to Integrate a Survey Into a Message

Once you have built your survey, you can simply schedule a broadcast message in AWeber to send the survey URL to your subscribers.

When your subscribers begin to respond, using the survey service of your choice, you should be able to login to see reports of the results.

Freeform Feedback Is Valuable Too

Surveys provide and user friendly way to get feedback from subscribers, but there is another way to consider that has its own benefits.

In your messages, by simply asking for replies with feedback and suggestions, you can:

  • Emphasize your availability as someone who wants to hear and address the personal concerns of readers
  • Get candid and descriptive responses
  • Generate more opportunities for the one-on-one interactions that can move subscribers closer to the goals of your campaigns.

To generate feedback in this manner, you can either write a message focused on generating feedback, or include a few sentences in each message encouraging it.

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