How do I integrate Clickbank with AWeber?

If you're using Clickbank to process sales and payments, you can use AWeber's app to automatically add your customers to your AWeber account.

Communicating with paying customers means that you'll have an audience that you know will be interested in what you have to say, and can be a great way to add value to their purchases by providing them with useful information and updates after they buy.

Note: Clickbank only shares the email address of the customer to the seller of the product. If you make a sale as an affiliate, you will not be able to capture customer's email addresses with this integration.

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Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, you'll need to enable the Clickbank app in your AWeber account. On the top right corner of your control panel click on the "Integrations" link. just click the "Enable" button to get started.

    click on integrations

    Scroll down until you see the Clickbank integration and click on it.


    You will then be taken to the Clickbank integration page. Click on the Connect button.

  2. In the Connection settings for the Clickbank integration, note the "Secret Key" and "Notification URL". You'll need these shortly.

  3. Now you'll need to log in to your Clickbank account. Once you are in the account click on the "Vendor Settings" tab. From underneath the "Vendor Settings" tab you will want to click on the "My Site" link.


    Here, scroll down to the "Advanced Tools" section.

    Click Edit

    Click the "Edit" link.

    Paste the Secret Key
  4. Paste the "Secret Key" from your AWeber account into the Secret Key field here, then click "Request Access" next to Instant Notification URL.

    Request Access

    In the area that appears, you will need to answer "Yes" to each of the 7 questions.

    Click Yes

    Now scroll to the bottom of the Terms of Use area and check the box.

    Save your changes

    Click the "Save Changes & Request API Access" button.
  5. Now you'll need to find "Advanced Tools" section again and click "Edit" once more.

    Click Edit under Advanced Tools

    Here, paste the Instant Notification URL from AWeber, and make sure you select 7.0 as the version, then click the "Save Changes" button below.

    IPN URL and Version 7
  6. Back in AWeber, you can now choose which list you'd like customers to be added to when they make a purchase - then you're done!


Adding Customers to Lists Based on Specific Products

If you'd like to have customers added to specific lists based on which of your products they buy, you will first need to make sure that each product you want to create a rule for has been purchased since you set up the Clickbank integration.

Once you've gotten a first purchase for each of your products, you'll see a checkbox in the Clickbank app area, just below the menu from step 6 above. The products that have been purchased so far will show up when you check the box:


Choose the product and the list to which customers who buy that product will be added, then hit, "Add automation" to save the rule!

Please Note

Only one Clickbank account can be integrated with your AWeber account.

Clickbank may take up to 2 hours to report new customers to your AWeber account, so do not be alarmed if you experience a delay in customers being added to your list.

Test purchases (which includes any purchase for $0.00) will not add a subscriber to AWeber. Funds must be transferred in order to have a purchasing customer added as a subscriber to your list.

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