What is an email parser?

When working in your AWeber account, under the "List Options" tab there is a section for Email Parsers.

Select Email Parsers from List Options

If you click on it, you'll find a page filled with checkboxes next to the names of several third party services.

What Are Email Parsers For?

An email parser is a technology that allows you to integrate your campaign with these and other services so that when a transaction is made with that service, a subscriber can be added to your campaign.

For instance, you might use Volusion as a shopping cart for your products. You can use an email parser on this page to automatically subscribe customers when they purchase from you.

How Do I Use the Email Parsers?

Under the Integrate category in this Knowledge Base, you'll find tutorials for many of the services listed on the Email Parser page.

If you are using a service that we don't already have an email parser for, you may want to look into using the API to add customers to your lists.

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