How do I authorize an integration?

AWeber's API allows you to connect your AWeber account to other products and services online. Normally, the person or website that gives you the integration will walk you through the process of connecting to your AWeber account.

Normal Authorization

When an integration wants to connect to your AWeber account, you will see a page like this:

Login Name and Password

Enter your login name and password, then hit "Allow Access." This will allow the integration to connect directly to your account. Usually, this will be the only step you need to complete.

Authorization Code

In some cases, the integration you are using will ask for an authorization code. If that is the case, when you complete the first step above, you will be taken to a page that gives you this code:

Authorization code

Simply copy the code that you're given and paste it where the integration directs you.

Authorizing Integrations to Access Account Data

Some integrations may request access to your subscriber data. In this case, the initial authorization page will have a warning like this:

Allow access to subscriber data

This means that the integration will be able to access the names and email addresses of your subscribers. You can authorize the integration in the same way as you would normally (just enter your login details and hit "Allow Access"). Make sure that you trust the developer of the integration and understand why the integration is requesting access to your subscriber's data.

Some integrations may request to access your list and message information, but not your subscriber's data. These integrations will have a similar warning, but it will look like this:

Allow access to lists and messages, but not subscriber data

You can authorize these integrations by entering your login credentials and clicking "Allow Access".

And that's it! You have successfully authorized your integration.

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