How do I integrate Viewbix with AWeber?

The AWeber Viewbix app enables online video viewers to sign up for a company or organization email list right from within the video player. The AWeber Viewbix app can be embedded and shared across the web, mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android devices) and social networks.

  1. Using the Viewbix Studio, choose the AWeber application.

  2. Click on the Get authorization code button to get your authorization code from AWeber’s website.

  3. You'll be prompted to allow access to your AWeber account. Enter your login details to continue.

    Login Name and Password
  4. Paste your authorization code in the box for the code and you will be presented with your current AWeber lists. Select the list you want subscribers to join.

  5. Now, you can update the message subscribers see when they join your list through Viewbix.

  6. Click the Options link if you'd like to modify your calls to action and open the AWeber app or have it appear when the video ends.


Please Note

Only one Viewbix account can be integrated with your AWeber account.

A confirmation message will be sent to subscribers added to your list in this manner. Make sure that you customize the confirmation message so customers know why they are being asked to join your mailing list.

Viewbix may take up to 2 hours to report new customers to your AWeber account, so do not be alarmed if you experience a delay in customers being added to your list.

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