How do I integrate DLGuard with AWeber?

In Your AWeber Control Panel:

    1. Create a new list for your DLGuard customers, following all of the steps in the setup wizard, except for the final two covering sign up forms. You won't need one to build your DLGuard customer list.

    2. Under the "List Options" tab, select the "Email Parsers" option.

    3. Check the box for the "DLGuard" option, under "Shopping Carts":


    4. Click the "Configure My Fields" button.


In Your DLGuard Control Panel:

    1. Log into your DLGuard account, and add or edit a product.

    2. Scroll to the option to enter an AWeber email address. Enter the unique list ID address:


    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Save changes" button.

Now that the email parser is activated, when customers purchase your DLGuard product, the notification message sent to your AWeber unique list ID address will automatically subscribe customers to your email list.

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