How Do I Integrate Zendesk Classic With AWeber?

Zendesk is a great solution for handling customer interactions and providing support. Now, you can connect your AWeber account to Zendesk.

Using the Zendesk Widget, you'll be able to see subscriber information stored in your AWeber account, such as the names of lists they've joined and the last follow up message that they were last sent.

The instructions below are for integrating AWeber with Zendesk Classic. We have a separate article with instructions for integrating AWeber with Zendesk Lotus.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. On the "My Apps" page of your account, find and click the Zendesk app to access it.

  2. On the next page click the "Enable" button.

  3. Next, under step 1 on that page you will want to select "Classic."


  4. Then copy the code that is under step 2 of that page.


  5. In Zendesk, find and click on "Extensions" under the "Settings" menu.


    Here, create a new widget by clicking the "add widget" button.


  6. Choose "Custom" from the list of options that appear.


    Give the widget a name (probably something like "AWeber Widget"), choose who should be able to see it (we recommend "People who have logged in and are agents"), and paste the code you just copied into the "Content" area.


    Below the Content area, choose Create widget from the dropdown menu, then hit Submit.


  7. Now go to your Zendesk ticket inbox and open a ticket. On the right side of the ticket you will see information for the person that had sent in the support request. Underneath their information you will want to click on the "Edit widgets on this page" link.


    From the options that appear you will want to click on the title of what you named your widget in order to get it to show. In our example we are clicking on the "AWeber Widget" link.


  8. Your AWeber widget for Zendesk will now be enabled. If the person that sent in the support ticket is a subscriber to one of your lists in AWeber the widget will display the lists that they subscribed to.


  9. If you hover over any of the names of the lists that they are subscribed to you will see a "View" button appear. Click on that button to see more details for the subscriber for that list. You will be able to see the last follow up message that they had received as well as the date that they subscribed to that list.

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