How do I integrate Salesforce with AWeber?

If you're using Salesforce and AWeber together, you can now keep tabs on which of your Salesforce leads are subscribers to specific lists in your AWeber account. This integration will only work with "Leads" in Salesforce.

Note: This integration requires access to Salesforce's API. You may need an Enterprise or Unlimited account with Salesforce in order to use their API.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. In your Salesforce account, click your username, then choose "Setup".

    Note: You will need admin access to Salesforce in order to properly setup the integration.

    Choose Setup

  2. On the "Setup" page, under "App Setup," choose "Customize," then "Leads," then "Fields".

    Choose Fields under Leads from the Customize menu

    Here, next to "Lead Custom Fields & Relationships," click the "New" button.

    Click New under Lead Custom Fields

    On the new page, select the "Text" option, then click "Next".

    Select Text and click Next

    Next, you'll need to choose a name for the field that you'll see in Salesforce (the "Field Label") - this can be anything you would like. You must then set Length to 255, and Field Name to sub_list.

    Name your field

    Note: These two values must be entered exactly as given above or the integration will not work.

    Click the "Next" button to continue - don't check any of the boxes on this page.

    On the final page of this process, enable the field for whatever Lead layouts you would like - we recommend all of them. Click "Save".

    Once you've saved the field, double check it under Lead Custom Fields & Relationships. Under the "API Name" column, it must read "sub_list__c". If you don't see that, the integration will not work properly.

    Set API Name to sub_list__c

  3. On the left side of the page under the "App Setup" section, click "Create," and then click "Apps".

    Click Create then Apps

    Here, next to the "Connected Apps" area click the "New" button.

    From Connected Apps click new

    On the next page you will want to give a name for "Connected App Name" and "API Name". These may be chosen at your discretion (for example, you might put "AWeber" in the "Connected App Name" and "API Name" fields, and your webmaster's email address as the "Contact Email").

    Name your app

    Scroll down and check off the box to "Enable OAuth Settings". Copy and paste this URL into the area for the Callback URL:

    Copy and paste the Callback URL

    Under the list for "Available OAth Scopes" you will want to choose "Access and manage your data (api)" and click the "Add" button.

    Choose Access and manage your data(api)

    Once done, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

  4. You should now be on the Apps page. If not, you can get to the page by going to App Setup -> Create -> Apps, then click the name of the app that you just created under "Connected Apps".

    Here, you will need to copy your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, both found in the "OAuth Settings" section. To reveal the Consumer Secret, you will need to click the link that appears.

    Select your Consumer and Secret Key

  5. Back in your AWeber account, click on the "Integrations" button. 

    Integrations button

    On the next page, scroll down to the Salesforce integration and click on it.

    Scroll to Salesforce

  6. On the page for the Salesforce integration, paste the codes in the matching fields, then click "Enable" to complete the integration.

    Paste in the corresponding information
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