How Do I Use AWeber With Zapier?

Zapier is a service designed around allowing users to create custom integrations between different services in just a few clicks. For more information about how this works, head over to their website.

In AWeber's case, you can easily use Zapier to add subscribers to AWeber when triggered by another service.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click on the service you would like to integrate with AWeber. Then, click on AWeber from the second drop down box.


    Choose your trigger for the first service (the event that will cause someone to be added to AWeber).


  2. The service you will be integrating with provides you with an option to connect that service with Zapier. Depending on the service you are connecting to AWeber will determine how you proceed with this step.


  3. In Step 3, click on the button to "Connect an AWeber Account".


    Enter in the name of the AWeber account you will be connecting and click the "Continue" button.


    Enter in your AWeber login credentials and click the "Allow Access" button.


  4. Depending on the integration, you may be prompted with an option to add a custom filter.


  5. Choose your account ID, which will be available in the drop down menu, then choose the list you'd like your new contacts to be invited to. Select the relevant email address for the "Email" field, and apply any optional fields you would like.


All set! Now anyone who you connect with through that first service will be invited to your AWeber list of choice.

But What About Permission?

We're glad you asked.

Every person added though a zap will have to respond to a confirmation email to be added to your list. However, since Zapier takes the web form out of the sign-up process, this confirmation email will arrive out of the blue.

It's true that nowadays, if you make a purchase from someone, you almost expect to get emails from them. Whether you want them or not is a different story. And plenty of people who get your confirmation email may be a bit put off by the assumption that they want your emails.

This isn't hard to fix, however. Just adjust your confirmation message to acknowledge the situation. You might want to use something like,

"Hi, you just purchased garden supplies from us on PayPal. We'd like to invite you to receive our emails to get announcements of future sales and creative tips on how to design your garden. Just click the link below, and you'll get them.

This positions your confirmation message as an invitation, rather than a request.

(Please note: this is a step that we highly, highly recommend. Otherwise, you risk annoying potential subscribers with a not only unexpected, but unexplained, confirm request.)
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