How do I integrate Zapier with AWeber?

Zapier is a service designed around allowing users to create custom integrations between different services in just a few clicks. For more information about how this works, head over to their website.

In AWeber's case, you can easily use Zapier to add subscribers to AWeber when triggered by another service.

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Step By Step Instructions

  1. After logging into your account, click the "Make A Zap!" button in the top right.

    Click Make a Zap
  2. Then, you will be prompted to choose the app you want to set for the trigger in this Zap.

    Select the trigger app

    Note: You can also name your Zap at this time. We suggest doing that to keep everything organized in your Zapier dashboard.

    Name your Zap
  3. Next, select the app you want to use from the "Choose a Trigger App" options.

    Choose a Trigger app
  4. After choosing the app you want, Zapier will prompt you to choose a trigger from those available for this app.

    Choose from the available triggers for that app
  5. Once you have selected your trigger, click "Save + Continue" in the bottom right.

    Click Save + Continue
  6. Many different services can connect to AWeber through Zapier. Depending on which service you're connecting to AWeber will determine the next steps. Once you have completed these app specific steps, click the "Continue" button in the bottom right.

    Click Continue
  7. Great! You've created the trigger for this Zap. Next, you will be prompted to select the app that serves as the action. Select this app under the "Choose an Action App" menu.

    Choose an action App
  8. Next, select the action you would like performed by when your trigger occurs.

    Select a trigger action
  9. Once selected, click the "Save + Continue" button in the bottom right.

    Click Save + Continue
  10. Next, you will be prompted to connect to your AWeber account if you have not already done so in the past. Enter your Login Name and Password and click "Allow Access".

    Login Name and Password
  11. Once connected, you have the option to select your account. You will see this under the "Select AWeber Account" options.

    AWeber account example
  12. Select your account and click "Save + Continue".

    Click Save + Continue
  13. Now, choose your account ID and the list you would like subscribers added to when the trigger action occurs. These will be available in the drop down menu for each option. Select the relevant email address for the "Email" field, and apply any optional fields you would like.

    Choose your account and match fields
  14. Once you've matched this information, click the "Continue" button in the bottom right.

    Click Continue
  15. Next, you'll be prompted to test this action. We recommend performing this test to make sure everything is working correctly. To perform this test, click the "Create & Continue" button in the bottom right.

    Test the action and Click Create and Continue
  16. Once you have tested this Zap, or skipped the test, you will have the option to "Add a step" or "Finish". If you have more actions you wish to occur, you can add them now, otherwise, click the "Finish" button in the bottom right.

    Click Add a Step or Finish
  17. Now, you'll have the option to turn on your Zap. To do this, toggle the "Your Zap Is..." from OFF to ON.

    Toggle the Zap on

Congratulations! You will now see this Zap listed as ON in your Zapier dashboard. Anyone who performs the trigger in this Zap will automatically be added to your AWeber account.

Applying tags with Zapier

Using Zapier, you have the ability to apply tags to your subscribers during Edit Template in the Action step.


Here, you can enter the tags used to trigger a campaign within your list.


To add additional tags, just click the plus sign on the right.


Be sure to click "Continue" to save any changes.


If you'd like to check out some of the most used Zaps with AWeber, take a look at the section below.

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