How do I integrate 2Checkout with AWeber?

Using 2Checkout you can have your customers added to a list in your AWeber account when they purchase from you with a few simple steps.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. In your AWeber account, click the "My Apps" link in the upper right.

    Click My Apps

    Scroll down and click on the 2Checkout app.

    Click on 2Checkout

    On the next page click on the "Enable" button.

    Click Enable

  2. You'll be taken to the "Connected Apps" tab where you can find the 2Checkout app and copy the URL under the heading "Connect AWeber to 2Checkout."

    Copy the Connect AWeber to 2Checkout URL

  3. In your 2Checkout account, click the "Webhooks" section. This can be found in the upper right hand corner of your 2Checkout account.


    Paste the URL you've copied from AWeber into the "Global URL" field, click "Apply", then click "Enable All Notifications". When complete, click "Save Settings."

    Paste the URl and click Enable All Notifcations, then save

  4. Back in your AWeber account, you can now choose what list to have your customers added to from the drop down in Step 2.

    Select your list
  5. If you'd like to have people added to different lists based on the products they buy, check the box under the Step 2 drop down.

    Add people to lists based on a specific product

    To use this feature, you will need to have a 2Checkout API username. If you have not created one yet, log in to your 2Checkout account and click the "Account" tab. From the options provided, click "User Management".

    Click User Management from the Account tab

    On this page, click "Create Username".

    Click Create Username

    Set up your username and password here, and make sure you've selected "API Access" and "API Updating" under the "Access" header. When complete, click "Create Username."

    Set your username and password

    Back in AWeber, enter the API Access username and password, then click "Enable."

    Enter your @Checkout username and password

    Once you're done, you can choose a 2Checkout product and select the list you'd like to have purchasers added to, then click "Add".

Please Note

Only one 2Checkout account can be integrated with your AWeber account.

A confirmation message will be sent to subscribers added to your list in this manner. Make sure that you customize the confirmation message so customers know why they are being asked to join your mailing list.

2Checkout may take up to 2 hours to report new customers to your AWeber account, so do not be alarmed if you experience a delay in customers being added to your list.

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