How do I integrate MemberMouse with AWeber?

MemberMouse is a WordPress plugin which allows you to manage a membership site, complete with paid membership levels.

The integration allows MemberMouse to switch members between lists depending on their membership level, as well as provide AWeber with data regarding the member’s purchased Bundles. With AWeber having the purchased Bundles, you will be able to use that data to send emails to only users that have (or do not have) specific Bundles.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. In WordPress, hover your mouse over the MemberMouse option in the sidebar and click on "Email Settings". 


    Select AWeber from the "Select Provider" drop down menu.



  2. Click the link that appears that reads "Click here to authorize MemberMouse to access your AWeber account".


    A new window will appear with a section for you to enter your AWeber login name and password. Once that information has been entered click the "Allow Access" button.


    Next, you will see an authorization code appear. Highlight and copy that code.


  3. Close the window that has the authorization code in it after you have copied it. Then on the "Email Integration" page paste that authorization code in the text box above the "Authorize MemberMouse" button.


    After you have entered your authorization code, click the "Authorize MemberMouse" button to save the authorization information.

  4. Click the "Configure" button that appears.


  5. MemberMouse provides the ability of mapping a specific mailing list to a specific membership level. By mapping your membership levels to lists, MemberMouse can automatically move your members from one list to another as their membership level changes.

    While viewing the AWeber settings in MemberMouse, you will be presented with a series of dropdown menus. Two default options exist: "Prospect List" and "Cancellation List".


    The "Prospect List" and "Cancellation List" are two options that are included by default, and have specific uses:

    Prospect List: Commonly this is used for a list that contains subscribers who are not members of your MemberMouse site yet, such as a newsletter list for your website. If someone on your "Prospect List" registers as a member on your site, they will be removed from that list, so they no longer receive those emails. If their new membership level has a list mapped to it, they will be placed onto that list.

    Cancellation List:When a member on your site cancels their membership, they can be moved to a specific mailing list for canceled members. Simply specify the mailing list you wish to be mapped for canceled members.

    Once you have mapped the lists as desired, simply click the "Save Settings" button.

    To map a membership level to a mailing list, simply select the mailing list from the drop down menu that you want to associate with that membership level. Mapping for any of these lists is optional, you can leave it set as None if you do not want to associate it with a list.


    The lists mapped to the membership levels can be assigned as desired. If a member is assigned to a specific list, and they upgrade their membership, they will be removed from the list they were assigned to, and MemberMouse will put them on the new list associated with their new membership level.

  6. When you map a mailing list, all new members to the membership level will automatically be added to the list. Members who signed up previous to mapping the mailing list will not be in the list unless you manually import them. This import will only have to be done once per list, after that, all members will automatically be managed by MemberMouse.

    In the AWeber List Mapping section, click the "Export" button next to the membership level you wish to export.


    Your browser will prompt you to download the export file. This will be a CSV file that contains the member information for all members in that membership level.

    You can now import the list of subscribers under the Subscribers tab.

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