How do I integrate Zendesk with AWeber?

Zendesk Widget is a great solution for handling customer interactions and providing remarkable support. Now, you can connect your AWeber account to Zendesk.

We've taken this opportunity to create an AWeber integration that allows you to see information about your subscribers in a sidebar when they contact you via Zendesk. This information includes the list(s) that the subscribers are subscribed to as well as the last follow up message number that they have received.

Step By Step Instructions

  1.  On the "Integrations" page of your account, find and click the Zendesk Widget integration to access it.


  2.  On the next page click the "Connect" button. 


  3. Copy the code shown in the "Zendesk code" box.


  4. In Zendesk, click the gear symbol in the lower left corner.

    Click the gear symbol in ZenDesk

    Then, select "Marketplace" from under the "Apps" options.

    Select Marketplace

  5. This will bring you to the App Directory. To find AWeber, click "Email & Social Media".

    Click the Email & Social Media section

  6. Then, click AWeber.

    Click AWeber

    On the app information page, click "Install".

    Click the Install button

  7. You'll be prompted to select a Zendesk account to connect, confirm you have the correct account selected and click "Install".

    Confirm that you are connecting the correct AWeber account

  8. From your apps section in ZenDesk, go to your App Configuration and paste in your copied AWeber code that you previously copied in step #3. Enable the app, if it is not enabled already, and save your settings.

    Paste your copied code and save your settings
  9. Now that the widget is installed, you can go to a support ticket that you have open. From within the support ticket, click the "Apps" button in the top right of the page.

    Click Apps button

    If the person that sent in the support request is a subscriber to one of your lists within AWeber the list(s) that they are subscribed to will show under the "AWeber Widget" in the sidebar on the right.

    Show information under AWeber Widget

    If you hover over any of the names of the lists that they are subscribed to you will see a "View" button appear. Click on that button to see more details for the subscriber for that list. You will be able to see the last follow up message that they had received as well as the date that they subscribed to that list.

    Subscriber information provided

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