How do I integrate KickoffLabs with AWeber?

KickoffLabs is a landing page service that gives you tools to quickly and easily build and customize your own landing page. Of course, one of the best things to do with visitors to a landing page is to have them sign up for your mailing list - that's where AWeber comes in.

With the KickoffLabs AWeber integration, you can have KickoffLabs subscribers seamlessly added to your AWeber account.

Watch A Video

The folks over at KickoffLabs put together a video walkthrough of the setup process:

Step by Step Instructions

  1. On the Dashboard page of your KickoffLabs account, scroll down to the 'Emailing your customer list' area and click the AWeber icon.


    Here, click the Connect to AWeber button.


    Enter the login details for your AWeber account to authorize the integration.
  2. After connecting your AWeber account, you'll be able to choose which list you'd like to connect to your KickoffLabs page.

  3. After selecting a list, choose whether you'd like to import any existing subscribers to AWeber, and whether or not to add new subscribers to your AWeber account when they sign up on your KickoffLabs page (you'll probably want both of these checked).


    Click the "Use 'YOURLIST' AWeber list" button to save your changes, and you're done!
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