How do I integrate with Call Loop?

Call Loop is a service that allows you to add SMS text and voice messaging to your email marketing efforts through the integration. You will be able to automate adding contacts from your list to Call Loop and send text and voice messages to your subscribers.

Before continuing with these instructions you will want to make sure you have created a sign up form in your AWeber account and that you have also created a custom field for your subscribers' phone numbers within that form.

Note: This integration supports Tags in AWeber.

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Step By Step Instructions

  1. Get your free Call Loop account. If you do not have your Call Loop account yet, you can sign up for free. AWeber customers will receive a special bonus of 50 free Call Loop credits.

  2. After you log into your Call Loop account you will need to create a group. A group could be new subscribers, customers, leads, or any group of contacts you wish to store in Call Loop. Do this by clicking on the "Create a New Group" button on the home page of your account.


  3. On the next page you will want to name your group. In this example we will name the group "Newsletter Subscribers."


    If you would like to receive an email notification for every contact that is added to your AWeber list from Call Loop, click the "YES/NO" button for the "Notifications" section. This feature is turned off by default.


    Next, check the checkbox for "Click here to connect to your integration provider (optional)."


    A drop down menu will appear for selecting a "Provider." From that drop down menu, select "AWeber".

    Next, you will need to enter in the thank you page URL where you would like to send your user to after they opt into your AWeber sign up form. So in this example we are specifying as the thank you page.

    Next, you will want to specify where Call Loop will find the subscribers phone number information in your AWeber account. So if you created a custom field within AWeber to capture the subscribers phone number information into then you would want to list that field name with "custom_" in front of it. So in this example, if our custom field was called "phone" then we would input "custom_phone" for the "AWeber Phone Field."

    Finally click the "Create Group" button.

  4. On the next page you will need to copy your unique URL generated. This unique URL is tied to this group and will be used as the thank you page URL that AWeber asks for when creating your sign up forms.


  5. Now you will want to navigate to your AWeber account. In your account click on the "Sign Up Forms" tab.

    Then you will want to click on the sign up form that you want this integration to be associated with. In this example we will click on a form called "Newsletter Subscribers."

  6. Once the sign up form generator is open you will want to click on the "Go To Step 2" button.

  7. You will then be taken to the "Basic Settings" page for your form. On that page you will see options for a "Thank You Page". From the drop down, select "Custom Page". In the input field that appears, paste the thank you page URL that you copied from step 4.

    Next, click "Show Advanced Settings."

    From the options that appear you will want to check off the "Pass Form Data" checkbox.

    Click the "Save Your Form" button.

  8. Publish your sign up form and place it on your website. Now the integration is complete! As new subscribers opt in with their phone information, they will automatically be stored inside your Call Loop group.
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