How do I place a sign up form on a page?

Due to the limitations of it is currently not possible to place a signup directly onto those pages.

Even if you cannot place a form directly onto your page there is nothing stopping you from adding a link to the AWeber hosted version of a form to your page. With this option you will be able to place a link anywhere on your site that will take subscribers to a version of your sign up form that is hosted by AWeber. In these instructions we will place that link into the sidebar of a site.

Before continuing you will want to be sure you create a sign up form. Once the sign up form is created you will want to get the URL for the AWeber hosted version of your sign up form.

The instructions below are for placing a link to a form on a blog that is hosted by WordPress.comIf you are using a self-hosted page you can install a form on it using our AWeber for WordPress plugin.

Not sure if you have a page? See the differences between the .com and .org versions of WordPress.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into your dashboard for the page that you want to edit. If you are trying to add the sign up form link to the sidebar of your site you will want to hover over "Appearances" on the left side of the page. From the menu that appears you will want to click on "Widgets."

    Select Appearance and then Widgets

    First click on the "Main Sidebar" option on the right side. This must be done so you can place a "Text" widget in the sidebar of your page.

    Click Main Sidebar

    Scroll down the "Widgets" page until you see the "Text" widget.

    Click the Text widget

    Click on the "Text" widget and drag it up to the "Main Sidebar" area.

    Drag the text widget to main sidebar

  2. You will then see a box where you will want to type the title for the widget (this will show in the sidebar). In this example we will use the title "Register For Free Download" for the widget

    type the title for the widget

  3. Next you will want to add the following line of code into the box below where you entered the title.

    <a href="Insert AWeber hosted form URL here">Type text to be shown for URL here </a>

    From the code copied above you will want to replace "Insert AWeber hosted form URL here" with the URL that you got when publishing your AWeber form in your account. You will also want to replace "Type text to be shown for URL here" with the text that you want subscribers to see for the link that they are clicking, such as "Click Here," "Sign Up Here," etc..

    So for this example we are inserting a link that will say "Sign Up For Download Here."

    Type your desired hyperlink text

    Once you are done just click the "Save" button and that's it! You can now visit your site to see how that link was inserted.

    Final product example
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