How do I integrate Wistia with AWeber?

Wistia is a video hosting solution for businesses and personal users. With Wistia you can customize videos so that you have control over how the video looks, feels, and functions. Beyond that, Wistia provides you with analytics that can help you determine what does and does not work with your videos.

The Wistia integration allows you to have a sign up form appear directly on your video. This form can appear at any point in time that the video is playing. So not only can you deliver a great video, you can also collect potential subscribers while you are at it. See the video below for instructions on how to setup the Wistia integration, if you watch it all of the way through you will see how Wistia works with having a sign up form appear!

Watch A Video

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, log into your Wistia account. Once you are logged in, you need to hover over the "Account" link at the top of the page and from the drop down menu that appears you will want to click on the "Account Dashboard" link.


  2. You will then be taken to the "Account Dashboard." On this page you will want to click on "Setup an Email Provider."


  3. On the next page you will see options for all of the different email providers that you can integrate with Wistia. Click on the "AWeber" logo to select it.


    Click the "Configure" button to complete the selection.


  4. You will then be taken to a page to connect Wistia with your AWeber account. Click on the "Connect" button on this page.


  5. On the next page enter your AWeber login information and then click the "Allow Access" button to allow the Wistia app to connect to your AWeber account.


  6. Now, if you haven't already, upload a video to your Wistia account that you would like to insert a sign up form onto.

    To get a form onto the video you uploaded, first go to the projects link at the top of the page. From the drop down menu that appears, select the project with the video that you would like to place a form onto. In this example we are choosing our Blog Videos project (your project may be named differently).


  7. On the next page click on the title of the video that you want the form to be placed on. In this example we are clicking on our "Introduction" video.


  8. You will then see your video. At the top of the video, hover your mouse over the "Video Actions" tab and from the drop down menu that appears select "Customize."


  9. To the left of the video a menu will appear with different tabs to click on. Click on the "Turnstile" tab.


    Another menu will appear with a bunch of different options for how you would like the form to function. The first drop down menu is for when you would like the form to appear. You can either select for it to appear at the beginning of the video, the end of the video, or at a specific point in time on the video.


    Once you select when you want the form to display, you can then select if you want viewers to be able to skip the form or not. This means that they will either need to fill out the form to continue watching the video, or they can simply skip past the form without needing to fill it out.


    Below that option you will also see text boxes where you can type what text you want to appear above and below the input field for the form.


    Finally, from the last drop down menu, you will want to select which of your mailing lists that you would like the form to connect to.


  10. Once you are finished with configuring the settings for your form you can click the "Save" link at the top of the page.


Now you are all setup! That video will now have a form that appears on it that viewers can fill out so that they can subscribe to your mailing list.

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