How do I integrate Digioh with AWeber?

Digioh is a great source to host your files and to secure them at the same time. With Digioh you can have it so your downloads are only accessible by subscribers to your list within AWeber, or if they are not already subscribed to your list you can have it so they are prompted to sign up in order to access the download.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Once logged into your account, click the "Files" option from the top menu.

    Click Files

  2. Then, click "Add New File."

    Click Add New File

  3. Select the file you would like to upload from your computer.

    Upload your file

  4. Set the security settings and expiration date for the link.

    Security and expiration settings
  5. Click "Upload and Continue" at the bottom of the page.

    Click Upload and Continue
  6. Finish customizing the download page. On the third step, you can copy the download link.

    Copy the link
  7. Copy your link then go back to your AWeber account and open/create the message that you would like to insert the download link into.

    Hyperlink in your message

Congratulations! Now, you can now send your subscribers a message with the secure link for the download.

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