How do I integrate PadiAct with AWeber?

PadiAct is a great tool for getting visitors of your site to sign up for your mailing list. Instead of targeting all visitors to your site with the same sign up form, PadiAct allows you to have different sign up forms show for subscribers depending on their engagement level on your website.

So you can have one form appear for first time visitors to your website, a different form appear for more frequent visitors to your site, or different forms can appear depending on how many times someone visits specific pages of your site.

With PadiAct you setup different campaigns. Each campaign would be for each of the different different forms that you may want to appear on pages of your website depending on the level of interaction a visitor has with your website. Below you will find instructions on how to setup one of these campaigns within PadiAct.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. After logging into your PadiAct account you will want to click on the "Get Started" button.

  2. Next, you will see a popup with the different email service providers that you can connect to PadiAct. Select "AWeber" and then click the "Continue" button.

  3. Another popup will appear and you will just want to click the "Next" button on it.

  4. Next, under the "Who do you want to target?" section, you will see where you can edit the rules for who you want the form to appear for. To edit the existing rule you can simply click the "Edit" link to the right of the rule or you can delete the rule completely by clicking the trashcan icon.


    If you would like to add a rule click the "+ Add rules" tab.


    While we will not go over each rule specifically, it is important to note that PadiAct gives you the ability to set "Include rules" for people that you want to see the form and "Exclude rules" for people that you do not want to see the form.

  5. After you are done editing your rules, you will want to connect PadiAct to your AWeber account. In the next section, you will want to click on the "Connect To AWeber" button.


    Another window will pop up where you will want to enter your AWeber login name and password. After your details are entered click the "Allow Access" button.

    Login Name and Password
  6. You will now see a drop down menu where you can select the AWeber list that you want subscribers added to that fill out the form associated with this campaign.


    Once the list is selected you will see another area appear where you can select any fields that you would like to include on the form. By default it will have the email field selected, but you can also choose to include a name field and any other custom fields that you may have created for that list.

  7. Next, you will see the "Why and how would you like people to subscribe?" section. In the first part of this section you can select the type of form you want to appear for visitors and you can also select the style you want for the form.


    Below that you can type in the text that you would like to appear on the form. Once you are done editing your form you will want to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

  8. Above the "Save" button you will see a link appear for "validate the code on your website." Click that link.


    Finally, you will be taken to a page with some javascript code. Add this code to all of the pages of your website so that your visitor data is tracked correctly.


You are now complete! PadiAct forms will now appear on your site for visitors that fall under the rules that you specified. Here is an example of a bottom slider form that that has been installed with PadiAct.


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