How do I integrate Cyfe with AWeber?

Cyfe is a service that allows you to aggregate various sources of data into one easy-to-access dashboard. So on one dashboard you can monitor information from various services for social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support, and infrastructure.

The AWeber integration with Cyfe allows you to monitor statistics related to messages that you send out. You can view the following statistics in an easy to read widget in Cyfe:

  • # of subscribers sent to.
  • # of subscribers that opened the message.
  • # of subscribers that unsubscribed through the message.
  • # of times links were clicked in the message.
  • # of subscribers that marked the message as spam.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, you will want to make sure that you are logged into your Cyfe account. Once logged in, you will want to click on the "Add Widget" icon at the top of the page.

  2. Next, you will see a menu where you select the type of widget you are trying to add. From this menu click on "Email."


    You will then see a variety of email service providers to choose from. Click on the "Add" button next to the option for AWeber.

  3. A placeholder for the AWeber widget will appear on your Cyfe dashboard. Click the "Configure Widget" button in the AWeber widget.

  4. Another menu will appear where you can title the widget. We suggest titling the widget as something similar to the message that it will be linked to. So for this example we are naming the widget "March 2014 Conference" to match it to the similarly named broadcast message.


    Underneath where you entered your title for the widget click on the "Add Account" button.


    A window will then pop up for you to enter your login details for your AWeber account.

    Login Name and Password

    After you have entered your login details press the "Allow Access" button.
  5. Now that your AWeber account has been connected to Cyfe, you can select the name of the list you want to link the widget to and the message from that list you want to track stats for. Once you have selected the list and the message, click the "Save Widget" button.

  6. Now you are finished! You will be taken back to your Cyfe dashboard where you can see the statistics for the message you selected.


    Note: You can add the AWeber widget to your Cyfe dashboard as many times as you like. That way you can track statistics for multiple messages sent from your AWeber account!
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