How do I integrate Launch Effect with AWeber?

Launch Effect is a fully responsive WordPress theme that allows you to create a one-page landing page.

With the AWeber integration with Launch Effect you can have subscribers captured through your landing page added to your AWeber mailing list. Launch Effect has both a free and premium version of their service. The AWeber integration will work with both versions. Setting up the integration is easy, just follow the instructions below.

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Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, you will want to follow the instructions from Launch Effect on how to install your Launch Effect theme. Once the theme is installed, hover your mouse over where it says "Launch Effect" in your WordPress sidebar and click on "Integrations" from the menu that appears.


  2. On the next page there will be a list of all of the services that you can integrate with your Launch Effect theme. Click on "AWeber."


    A few more sections will appear below where you clicked "AWeber". From these sections you will want to click on the "Authorize Launch Effect" link.


  3. A new page will appear for you to enter your login details for your AWeber account. Click on the "Allow Access" button once you have entered your login name and password.


    Your authorization code will then appear. Select/highlight this code and copy it. Once it is copied, go back to the window that your WordPress dashboard is loaded in.


  4. Once you are back in your WordPress dashboard you will see a box on the "Integrations" page to enter the authorization code you copied. Paste your authorization code into this box and click the "Apply" button.


  5. To allow Launch Effect to access your lists within AWeber you will want to click on the "Allow Access" link in the "Select a List" section.


    Another page will appear for you to enter your AWeber login details (the same as the page in step 3). After you have entered your login details click on the "Allow Access" button.


    You will then be taken back to the "Select a List" section. From the drop down menu within that section select the AWeber list that you would like subscribers to be added to when they fill out your Launch Effect sign up form.


Now the integration between Launch Effect and AWeber is complete. Subscribers that fill out a Launch Effect sign up form will now be added to the AWeber list that you select. See the example below for how the Launch Effect form might look without any additional formatting!


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