How do I integrate List Builder by SumoMe with AWeber?

SumoMe is a toolkit that allows you to gather subscribers through a customizable lightbox sign up form. They also have a highlighter tool that allows visitors to highlight text on your site and share that text to their Twitter as a tweet that is linked to your site.

The AWeber integration with List Builder by SumoMe allows subscribers to be added to one of your lists within your AWeber account when they fill out a SumoMe sign up form.

Note: You will need a SumoMe Pro account in order to use this integration.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, go to SumoMe's main website and follow their instructions for installing the SumoMe toolkit onto your site. After SumoMe is installed, log into your account and click "My Sites".

    Click My Sites
  2. Then, review the site you would like to edit, and click "Manage" to the right of that URL.

    Click Manage
  3. Hover over the button for "List Builder", and make sure that the toggle switch is ON.

    Toggle List Builder on
  4. Then, select "Campaigns" from the left hand toolbar options.

    Click Campaigns
  5. On the Campaigns page, click "Add New Campaign".

    Click Add New Campaign
  6. Then, give your campaign a name and click "OK".

    Name your campaign and click OK
  7. Next, click "Services" in the left hand toolbar.

    Click Services
  8. Then, select "AWeber" from the available integrations.

    Select AWeber
  9. Click "Connect".

    Click Connect
  10. Enter your AWeber login name and password. Then, click "Allow Access".

    Login Name and Password
  11. After the connection is complete, select the list you want subscribers added to from the "Mailing List" drop down menu.

    Select your list

    Note: You can also enter any tags you want subscribers to receive in the "Tag the subscriber (comma separated)" input field.

    Tag subscribers
  12. Once you've set up these fields, click "Save" in the bottom right.

    Save button

Congratulations! You've successfully connected List Builder by SumoMe to your AWeber account. Subscribers will be added to your list through this integration.

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