How do I get my app featured on the "App Showcase?"

Integrating an application with AWeber is an AWesome way to help your customers stay connected with their subscribers using AWeber's service. If you're interested in developing an application to integrate with AWeber or already have an application created, this article explains how you can get your app featured on AWeber's App Showcase.

App showcase

Information needed before an app can be added to the showcase

From within your AWeber Labs account, you will need to ensure your app details are complete. This information includes the following:

  • App Name (Before providing your app's name, be sure to review our API Terms of Service)
  • App Author Name
  • Detailed app description that accurately describes what the app does
  • Website URL where someone can find specific information about using the integration
  • App logo

Create new app options

Once your app is fully developed and you have the necessary information mentioned, click on the blue "Showcase" button near your app's consumer key and secret information. This sends a request for review to our team. Our team will review your submission within one week. If it's a right fit for the showcase we will be in touch via email. If it's not, you'll be given a reason and you can improve your app and try again. The showcase button is found here:


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