How do I integrate Storenvy with AWeber?

If you're using Storenvy to sell your products online, you can easily add a form to your custom storefront to collect subscribers.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, click on the Sign Up Forms tab in the control panel of your AWeber account.

    click on signup forms

  2. On the next page, click on the “Create a Sign Up Form” button.

    Click Create a Sign Up Form

  3. Next, you will want to choose a specific template to use. There is a specially created template to match the Storenvy Cooper theme. To find it, click on "Show More" within the "Templates" section to see more template categories.

    Click Show More in Templates

    Select the "Retail" category.

    Select Retail

    From the templates that appear for this category you will want to look for the "Cooper" template and click on it to select it. The width of the Cooper theme sidebar within Storenvy is 209 pixels and this form is specially made to fit and match the Cooper theme.

    Edit the form design

    From the menu that pops up click on the "Load Template" button.

    Click Load Template

    Add any desired fields
    and make any additional format changes to the form. Click the "Save Your Form" button to save your work and then click the "Go To Step 2" button.

    Note: Do not change the width of the form as the width must remain the default width in order to integrate with Storenvy correctly.

    Add fields and save your form

  4. On the following page you will be asked to name your form. This is just for your purposes so it can be anything that you like. Then you may also choose to edit the "Thank You Page" as well.

    Edit the form settings

    Once you have completed editing the basic settings for your form, click the "Save Your Form" button and then click the "Go To Step 3" button.

    Click Go To Step 3
  5. On the next page click on “I will install my from” then highlight and copy the "Javascript Snippet" that appears.

    Copy the Javascript snippet

  6. Now log into your Storenvy account and click on the "Design" tab.

    Click on Design

    Next, click on the "HTML Pages" button.

    Click the HTML Pages button

    Then click on the "Layout" section.

    Click Layout
  7. On the following page click the "Use Custom HTML" button.

    Click Use Custom HTML.png

    Within the HTML code that appears look for the line <div class=“mobile-sidebar-content”> and insert your copied Javascript snippet right before that line.

    Insert the AWeber code

    Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

You have now successfully installed a form into the sidebar of your Storenvy page. Check out the screenshot below for an example of how it may look!

Form example

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