How do I Tag subscribers with AW Pro Tools?

AW Pro Tools is an application that provides a variety of tools that can be beneficial to your campaigns and AWeber account. AW Pro Tools gives you the ability to have subscribers "tagged" based on a link they click. These "tags" can be used to create segments for targeted broadcast messages.

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Step by Step Instructions

  1. At your AW Pro Tools Dashboard, you will be creating a "Smart Link" by clicking the "Create A New Link" button.


  2. You will give your link a name for your own records in AW Pro Tools and provide the URL that subscribers will be directed to after they click the link.


  3. Here, choose the current mailing list in AWeber that you will be sending the link from.


  4. Choose the action to "Add a tag". Then, click the "Next" button.


  5. Enter in the name of the tag(s) and select the custom field in AWeber it pertains to. If using multiple tags, you will need to separate them with a comma. Click the "Next Step" button when complete.


  6. You will be provided with your "Smart Link" that you need to copy from AW Pro Tools and paste into your AWeber message. When subscribers click the link, the tag will be added to their custom field you selected above.


Please Note

AW Pro Tools advises you to test your links before sending out your message to ensure they are working as intended. Send a test message to yourself to an email address already subscribed to the list.

AW Pro Tools always advises turning off the AWeber click tracking for your message. This is because the click tracking can ruin the personalization set in the "Smart Link" and prevent it from working correctly.

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