How do I integrate Ez Texting with AWeber?

Ez Texting is an SMS marketing service that allows you to gather phone numbers for contacts to send them send mass SMS and voice messages. They offer a wide variety of features that are great for any mobile marketing campaign.

The AWeber integration with Ez Texting allows you to sync subscribers from your AWeber account with your Ez Texting account. As long as you have a phone number captured for those subscribers they will be added to your Ez Texting contacts list.

Note: This integration will only work with mailing lists that utilize confirmed opt-in in order to be TCPA compliant. If you try to synchronize Ez Texting with any AWeber lists that have unconfirmed subscribers in them, then those unconfirmed subscribers will not be added through the integration.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, login to your Ez Texting account if you have not already done so. After you have logged into your account click on the "Advanced Features" option in the sidebar.


    Several additional options will appear underneath "Advanced Features." From these options click on "Integrations."

  2. Next, you will be taken to the integrations page. Find the AWeber integration and click the "Add Connection" button for AWeber.


    On the next page, click on the "Connect to AWeber" button.


    Another page will appear for you to enter your AWeber login details. After you have entered your AWeber login name and password, click on the "Allow Access" button.

    Login Name and Password
  3. You will now find yourself at the "Integrations: Contact Syncing" page. Here select the list(s) with subscribers that you want added to your Ez Texting account.


    Note: Only lists that have at least one custom field will show in the list of lists to choose from. If your list does not have any custom fields, then it will not show as an option to choose from.

    After you have selected a list to synchronize with you will see a drop down menu appear underneath that list. From that drop down menu select the custom field from your list that you have been capturing your subscribers phone numbers into.

    In this example, we are selecting our custom "Phone" field.


    Below where you selected the lists that you want subscribers added from there will be a section for "Add Contacts To Group(s)." From this section, select the EZ Texting group that you would like your subscribers added to.

    For this example, we are selecting to add subscribers to our "Prospects" group.


    From the next drop down menu select if you want the integration to update existing contacts in your Ez Texting account with the subscriber information synched from AWeber, or if you want to skip any contacts that are already synced to your Ez Texting contacts list.


    For the last drop down menu select how frequently you would like Ez Texting to sync with your AWeber list.


    Finally just click the "Sync Now" button to do your first sync, or click the "Save Settings" button to finish your setup and Ez Texting will sync at the frequency you had chosen above.


You have now completed integrating AWeber with Ez Texting! Subscribers whose phone numbers you are capturing will be added to your Ez Texting contact list. Now you can use Ez Texting to send your subscribers mass text, voice, and multimedia messages!

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