How do I move or copy subscribers using a link with AW Pro Tools?

AW Pro Tools is an application that provides a variety of tools that can be beneficial to your campaigns and AWeber account. "Smart Link" technology built into AW Pro Tools gives you ability to create links that can move or copy subscribers to another list in your AWeber account.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. From Automations, click "Create an Automation".

    Click Create an Automation

  2. From the Trigger options, select "Smart Link". Click "Next Step: Select Action".

    Select Smart Link

  3. From the action options, select "Move to a new list". Click "Last Step: Setup".

    Select Move to a new list

  4. Next, under "Smart Link" enter the "Destination URL".

    Enter the destination URL

  5. Under "Action", select the lists of subscribers you would like to "Move From" and "Move To". If all settings look correct, click "Save Changes".

    Select which list to move from and to

  6. You will be provided with your "Smart Link" that you need to copy from AW Pro Tools and paste into your AWeber message.

    Copy link to use in AWeber messages

Please Note

If you're using AWeber's Click Tracking, you must install Email Web Analytics on your destination URL for automations to work.

Automations use AWeber Personalization to add the subscriber's details to the URL when the message is sent. For example, {!email} is replaced with the subscriber's email address. When AWeber's Email Web Analytics is not installed on the automation's destination URL, personalization does not work, and the automation's action fails.

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