How do I integrate GoToMeeting with AWeber?

GoToMeeting is a service where you can show your screen and work face to face with video conferencing. This can be a great tool to setup a face to face meeting from all around the globe. With the AWeber integration through Zapier, you can benefit from GoToMeeting by capturing subscribers who attend a meeting.

The AWeber integration with GoToMeeting through Zapier allows you to have subscribers added to your AWeber mailing list when they attend your meeting.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. If you haven't done so already, schedule your meeting in GoToMeeting. Once scheduled, log into Zapier and click the "Make A Zap!" button in the top right.

    Click Make A Zap

  2. Next, search for or select GoToMeeting from the "Choose a Trigger App" section.

    Choose GoToMeeting as your Trigger app

  3. Then, select the Trigger from the available options for this Zap.

    Select a Trigger

  4. Once selected, click "Save + Continue" in the bottom right.

    Click Save + Continue

  5. Then, choose the GoToMeeting account you would like to connect to.

    Set your GoToMeeting account

  6. Click "Save + Continue" in the bottom right.

    Click Save + Continue

  7. You'll now be given the option to test this connection, click "Fetch & Continue" to move forward with this test.

    Click Fetch and Continue

  8. To complete the trigger step of this Zap, click "Continue" once your test is finished.

    Click Continue

  9. Now, select AWeber from the "Choose an Action App" options.

    Choose AWeber as your Action App

  10. Then, choose the action from those available under the "Select AWeber Action" menu.

    Select and Action

  11. Next, click "Save + Continue" in the bottom right.

    Click Save + Continue

  12. On this step, you can connect your AWeber account, or choose an already connected account from the "Select AWeber Account" options.

    Connect your AWeber account

  13. Click "Save + Continue" to finish this step.

    Click Save + Continue

  14. Now, you'll be prompted to match information from GoToMeeting and AWeber accounts to specify what information you would like to collect for your subscriber. Account ID, List ID, and Email are all required; all other fields are option.

    Match information between the accountsMatch information

  15. Once you've matched the fields in this step, click "Continue" in the bottom right.

    Click Continue

  16. Next, you'll see the test information for this integration. Make sure that it matches what you would like to receive through this zap.

    Confirm the integration settings

  17. Click either "Skip Test & Continue" or "Create & Continue".

    Click to Test or Continue

  18. Whichever option you choose, click "Continue" to complete the action step for this Zap.

    Click Continue

Congratulations! You've successfully integrated GoToMeeting with AWeber. To make this zap action, you would need to toggle the "Your Zap Is..." switch from OFF to ON.

Toggle Zap on

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