How do I publish a Sign Up Form on my Wix site?

Wix is a service where you can create your own website through a variety of different template options they provide. Having your own website will allow you to publish information regarding your business. When you have your own website, you'll want visitors to sign up for your email list so they can receive further information from your business.

AWeber makes it easy to publish a sign up form on your Wix site that allows visitors to sign themselves up for your list!

Please note: Wix also has an Artificial Design Intelligence feature that helps create a site for you. ADI websites have an editor that is styled differently than Wix's original editor. You can reference their instructions below to add an HTML form using the ADI editor.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven't done so already, you will need to create your sign up form in AWeber. Once created, copy the coding of your sign up form. Both the Javascript Snippet and Raw HTML coding of the form will work.

    Copy the AWeber form code

  2. From within your Wix site, click the option for "Add".

    Select Add

  3. From the drop down menu provided, click "More", found at the bottom of the list, followed by "Embeds". 

    Click More, followed by Embeds

  4. Now, click the option for "HTML".

    HTML iframe

  5. A small frame will appear on your site. Click on that frame and then click "Enter Code".

    Enter Code

  6. In your "HTML Settings", choose "Code".

    In HTML Settings, select Code

  7. Enter your AWeber form code into the box provided and click the "Update" button.

    Add sign up form source code and select Update

  8. You can adjust the frame by dragging one of the corner icons to make the frame larger or smaller.

    Drag corners to adjust size of form

    Note: When using the Wix app to publish your AWeber form, the thank you page will appear in the created frame Wix provides. If you wanted to avoid this, check off the option to have your thank you page open in a new window. This option can be found in your sign up form settings.

    AWeber form setting, Open this in a new window

    Note: If you are adding a Lightbox or Pop Up form to your list, that will only appear in the frame on your Wix site. For that reason we suggest using an Inline form when publishing to your site.

That's it! Now when you publish your Wix site, your AWeber sign up form will be published so visitors can sign themselves up for your mailing list.

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