How do I integrate Customer Thermometer with AWeber?

Sending a survey to your subscribers to collect their feedback can be a valuable aspect to your campaign. Integrating with Customer Thermometer enables you to send out a survey in your messages to collect more information on your subscribers. Find out how your subscribers are feeling or get them to rate your newsletter.

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Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven't done so already, create an "Embedded Thermometer". From the "Embedded Thermometers" section, click on the name of your created thermometer.

    Click on your thermometer

  2. From the "Thermometer setup", choose "Aweber" as your "Embedded Thermometer type".

    Choose AWeber

    Note: The remaining sections of your "Embedded Thermometer" can be updated by moving down the page and updating the content as desired.

  3. Click on the option to "Generate embed code".

    Update your thermometer page

  4. Next, add any custom fields of personalization you needed for your survey. If custom fields are not needed, leave the default fields provided and click "Generate HTML".

    Add custom fields and generate code

  5. The HTML coding for your survey will be provided to the right. Copy the coding provided in that box.

    Cpy the HTML code

  6. Go into AWeber to the "Email Template Manager" section. You can access this section by hovering over the "Messages" tab.

    Select Email Template Manager from Messages

  7. Your message needs to be saved as a template. You can "Start with an AWeber Template".

    Save message as a template

    If your message is already saved as a template, click "Edit Source Code" for your already saved template.

    Click Edit Source Code

  8. Scroll down in the template manager and click on the "Signature" section.

    Click Signature

    Note: If your signature block was already customized under the "Personalize Your List" section of your list, adding the Customer Thermometer HTML here would not override what you have already written. You can use another one of the blocks in the template manager instead. Updating the block with the Customer Thermometer HTML will use that survey each time.

  9. Paste in your previously copied HTML code from Customer Thermometer and click "Save".

    Paste in the HTML

  10. Go back to your AWeber message and drag over into your message the "Signature" block (or whichever block you selected to paste your HTML coding into).

    Drag in a Signature block

That's it! Now your message will contain your survey as created in Customer Thermometer. You will be able to see the results under "Reporting" of your Customer Thermometer account.

Example message

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