How do I integrate MEG with AWeber?

MEG provides an effective way to enhance your marketing activities by drawing visitors' attention to a sign up form you provide. The MEG Icon is the circle that appears in the lower left of your customers' mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop. You can make the Icon anything you'd like, including your business's logo.

When a potential subscriber clicks the MEG Icon, the content displayed is totally up to you. MEG provides an easy to use suite of applications in the MEG App Store which allows you to easily add what you want to show to your subscribers. Adding a sign up form can help build your list!

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Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven't done so already, you will need to create your sign up form in AWeber. Once created, copy the Raw HTML of your sign up form.

    Note: The Javascript Snippet would not work for this integration.

    Copy the Raw HTML

  2. Within your MEG account, click the gear symbol from the upper right and click "Channel Management".

    Click Channel Management

  3. Enter in your website URL where you will be installing MEG.

    Add your website URL

  4. Choose the option for how you would like to add the MEG coding to your site. Clicking "I Can Add MEG Without Help" provides the coding and instructions to do so. Clicking "Have a MEG Pro Handle Setup for Me" directs you to a page to provide MEG with some information from you so they can install the coding on your site.

    Select your skill level

  5. Once the coding is installed on your site, in your MEG account, click on "App Store".

    Click App Store

  6. Click the "Add App" button for the "HTML" app.

    Click Add HTML app

  7. From the upper left corner of your MEG account, click on the "My Apps" section.

    Click My Apps

  8. Here, enter your app name and choose an Icon that subscribers will see on your site. Click on the app name and Icon to make the changes.

    Enter your app name and customize

  9. Paste your copied Raw HTML coding of your sign up form into the box provided.

    Paste in the Raw HTML

    Click the "Publish Changes" button from the left sidebar.

    Click Publish Changes

  10. To change the MEG Icon image that appears, click on the "Themes" section.

    Click Themees

    Here, you can upload your logo for the MEG Icon with your logo or have MEG's team customize a MEG Icon for your business.

    Upload a logo

    Click the "Publish Changes" button from the left sidebar.

    Click Publish Changes

That's it! Now when visitors go to your page, they will be able to click on your MEG Icon and be directed to your sign up form. Subscribers can sign up for your list through this form.

Example form

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