Why is my application unable to connect to the AWeber API?

Are you encountering an error which states that the AWeber API could not be contacted or your script simply times out when attempting to contact AWeber.com?

In the case that you are using our PHP client library, please ensure that you have cUrl with SSL support enabled. You can test this by loading the following PHP from your server and searching the resulting page for whether SSL support is enabled or not:




If SSL is enabled then your servers IP address may be getting blocked.

Is AWeber blocking my server's API requests?

AWeber uses a DDoS mitigation service which continuously blocks IP addresses which have been involved in internet attacks.

This is especially common with IP addresses of shared hosting accounts that may be running compromised software or software which may have known exploits. Some older versions of WordPress fall into this category.

How do I get my server unblocked?

To get your IP address unblocked send an email to api@aweber.com containing the following information:

  1. The public IP address of your server. This can be obtained by running one of the following commands from your *NIX server's terminal:
    curl ipecho.net/plain

    wget -qO- http://ipecho.net/plain ; echo
  2. The complete output of the following command run from your *NIX server's terminal:
    traceroute -T api.aweber.com

We will determine if your IP address is in fact blocked and will request its removal from the block list if necessary. This process may take up to 2 business days.

Why has my server been blocked again?

Our DDoS mitigation service automatically adds IP addresses to their block list without AWeber's knowledge or input. In addition, they do not offer safelisting of IP addresses. Due to this, an IP address may get blocked repeatedly and may require multiple unblock requests to be sent to AWeber.com

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