How do I integrate @Pay with AWeber?

@Pay offer an easy payment system that requires just two clicks. This simple to use payment process can help lead your prospects into customers in no time at all. There is no credit card information in the email, so your transaction is secure and safe.

The AWeber integration allows you to add in your @Pay buttons easily into your templates by using the drag & drop email builder. This article explains how you would use @Pay with AWeber.

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Step By Step Instructions

  1. Before you create your first @Pay payment button, you’ll want to configure your receipts and message settings. To do so, click the "Configure Receipts" button and update your information. If you need any assistance with this process, check out @Pay's FAQ section.


  2. Once your receipts are configured, you can create an @Pay button by clicking "Build Buttons" from your dashboard.


  3. From here, you will update your button settings to meet your items needs.


  4. After you've updated your button settings, click "Create Button" at the bottom of the page.


  5. @Pay will provide you with the coding of your button. Click the "Copy" link to retrieve the coding.


  6. Log into your AWeber AWeber account and go to the "Email Template Manager" section. You can access this section by hovering over the "Messages" tab.

  7. Your message needs to be saved as a custom template. If you do not have a message saved as a custom template, you can "Start with an AWeber Template".

  8. If your message is already saved as a template, click "Edit Source Code" for your already saved template.


  9. Scroll down in the template manager and click on the "Product" section.


    Note: If your "Product" block was already customized for your template, you could use another one of the blocks to add in your @Pay coding.

  10. Paste in your previously copied HTML code from @Pay and click the "Save" button.


  11. After you've loaded your custom template into your AWeber message, drag over the "Product" block into the message (or whichever block you selected to paste your HTML coding into).

That's it! Now your message will contain your @Pay button. Your subscribers will be able to easily pay for your product through your @Pay button.


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