How do I integrate Snowball Fundraising with AWeber?

In this article, we will walk through the steps to integrate Snowball Fundraising with AWeber.

Snowball Fundraising (previously known as @Pay) allows you to collect donations for your non-profit or other important cause. You can create pages and buttons so visitors can make donations through Stripe (similar to the "Ecommerce" element in the landing page builder). The AWeber integration allows you to add your donation buttons into your messages through the Drag & Drop Email Builder. To do this, you just need to edit the coding of your custom template.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Before you create your first donation button, you need to update your "Merchant Settings" to connect to your Stripe account. Snowball Fundraising processes payments through Stripe.

  2. Once your "Merchant Settings" are configured, you can create a donation campaign by clicking "Campaigns" from the left-hand side menu.

    Click Campaigns

  3. Then, click "New Campaign" to create your first donation campaign.

    Click New Campaign

  4. In the window that pops over the page, name your campaign and set a goal amount.

    Name the campaign

  5. Once you create a campaign, a donation form will be created automatically. Click the name of that form and click "Edit Form."

    Click Edit Form

  6. When you click the edit the donation form, you'll be brought to the "General Form Settings" automatically. Click "Share Form" in the top-right of those settings.

    Click Share Form

  7. There are a few options to share the donation form. In this example, we will copy the "HTML Buttons" to add to our template.

    HTML Buttons
  8. Next, login to your AWeber account and visit the "Email Template Manager" page. Click "Edit Source" to the right of the template you want to use.

    Click Edit Source

  9. Click the "Product" tab in your template HTML/CSS settings and paste the code for your donation button. Then, save your changes.

    Add the HTML to the Product section

And that's it! The coding for the "Product" element within your template will now show the donation button. To view this, you can create a message and apply your custom template. Click and drag the "Product" element into your message to add the donation button. Your subscribers can click the button and donate.

Product Element

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