How do I integrate Justuno with AWeber?

Justuno is a service that provides a customizable pop up form on your site so visitors can sign themselves up for your list to receive your promotion code. With Justuno, you’re provided with detailed reporting and analytics as well as targeting rules to help you manage your campaign’s status and conversions. Take total control of your marketing and promotions with Justuno Campaigns that you can create!

This article explains how you can integrate Justuno with AWeber.

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Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, you will want to go to Justuno's main website and follow their instructions for installing the Justuno code onto your site. Once the code is installed onto your site, get back in Justuno and click on the "Promotions" section of the top toolbar.

    At this page, click the button for "New Promotion" on the right.

  2. Next, select the type of promotion you want to create. For this article we will select "Prebuilt Promotion".

  3. Select the promotion you want to display and then click "Add This Now".

  4. Once you have selected your promotion, or created your "Custom Promotion", click the "App Integrations" section at the bottom of the editor.

  5. Now, locate AWeber from the "App Integration" menu and click "Connect".

    Note: The first time you connect this app to your Promotion, you will need to Authorize your AWeber account.

  6. Enter your AWeber login credentials to authorize and click "Allow Access".

    Login Name and Password
  7. After authorizing the app, click "Select AWeber List".

  8. Now, select the list you would like to connect to your promotion from the right hand options.

    Note: You'll be able to apply tags to your subscribers through promotion. Enter the tags you would like to use in the "Enter Tags:" input field.

  9. Click "Save" to complete the connection, then click "Close".

Congratulations. Your Justuno Promotion is now connected to AWeber. Subscribers who sign up to receive this coupon will be automatically added to the list you selected.

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