How do I integrate Coupon Pop by StoreYa with AWeber?

StoreYa is a social commerce platform designed to increase engagement and conversions across social networks, mobile & online stores. StoreYa gets your product information out there where people are. It helps monetize the time and efforts you put into maintaining your Facebook fan page. StoreYa offers a variety of apps you can use, such as Coupon Pop, to offer visitors coupon codes in exchange for signing up for your mailing list.

This article explains how you can integrate Coupon Pop by StoreYa with AWeber.


Step By Step Instructions

  1. After logging into your StoreYa account, view the Products page. Here, click "Read More" on the "Coupon Pop" box. 

    Click Read More button on Coupon Pop box

  2. You will be taken to the "Coupon Pop" page. Click the "Get App Now!" button.

    Click Get App Now button

  3. Now, you can customize your form as needed. From the "Social Networks" tab, be sure to have "Email Newsletter" turned "On". Then, click "Integrate with your email provider".

    Toggle on Email Newsletter and click Integrate with your email provider

  4. Select "AWeber" from the drop down menu provided, and then click the "Register AWeber" button.

    Select AWeber and click Register AWeber

  5. Next, you will need to enter your AWeber account login and password in order to authorize the integration. Once you have entered your login information, click on the "Allow Access" button.

    Authorize by entering AWeber login credentials

  6. Select the list from the drop down menu and click the "Activate" button.

    Select AWeber List and click Activate

  7. Continue customizing your form as needed. Then, click "Step 2 Install Coupon Pop" to retrieve the coding of your form that you'll publish on your site.

    click Step 2 Install Coupon

That's it! Now, your Coupon Pop form will be connected with AWeber so subscribers can be added to your mailing list.

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