How do I integrate Pagewiz with AWeber?

Pagewiz is a service that allows you to quickly and easily create landing pages to capture subscribers who visit your page. Your Pagewiz landing page can be viewed on desktops as well as mobile devices.

The AWeber integration with Pagewiz allows you add subscribers to your mailing lists within AWeber that are captured through your Pagewiz landing page.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. From the dashboard of your Pagewiz account, click the "Create New Landing Page" button.

  2. Click the type of landing page you are looking to create.

  3. Name your landing page and click "Create page".

  4. Hover over the template you would like to use and click "Choose".

  5. Customize your page as needed and click the "Next" button in the upper right hand corner once the changes are made. You'll be directed to "Step 3: Choose Your URL". You can customize your URL if needed. Once complete, click the "Save & Proceed Next Step" button.

  6. From the left hand sidebar options, click the "Integrations" tab.

  7. Click "Manage Integration" button for the "AWeber" integration.

  8. Next, you will need to enter your AWeber account login and password in order to authorize the integration. Once you have entered your login information, click on the "Allow Access" button.

    Login Name and Password
  9. Select the list you would like subscribers added to once they sign up on your form. Then, click the "Next" button.

  10. On the next page, select the fields that match your AWeber fields. Once complete, click the "Save" button.


That's it! Now, anytime a visitor signs up on your form, they will be automatically added to the AWeber list you've selected.

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