How can I lower my SpamAssassin Score?

SpamAssassin™ is an open source, third-party service that ISPs use to analyze messages for suspicious content. AWeber has a built-in rating system that allows you to review your saved messages for potential problems with the deliverability of your messages.

What Is a good spam score?

Scores run on a 0-10 scale. Although your message's score may fall anywhere between these numbers, messages with a score less than 5 will not have deliverability issues from this measure.

Spam score example

Content filtering is only one way ISP's analyze messages. An increasing weight is being given to the reputation of the sender and other factors.

If your score is still less than 5 and you're still seeing deliverability issues with you message, review some other issues that may be causing problems.

How to lower your SpamAssassin™ Score

If the score of any of your messages is above 5, you'll want to work to reduce the score below that number.

  1. Use the Built-In Scoring and Reviewing System by clicking on the score you see next to the subject of your message, you'll find a page with a break down of how your message's score was compiled.

    Spam score breakdown example
    You may find messages about words or phrases in your message you can work on within your message, as well as changes you might make to the settings of your messages and campaign.

    After you make your changes, you can re-save the message then re-check the score, repeating until it falls beneath the 5 threshold.

  2. Review More Advice From SpamAssassin™'s Website

    For more information on how to avoid having your messages identified as SPAM by filters, review Spam Assassin's tips on avoiding false positives.
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