Why is my name not appearing in my test message?

Personalization fields allow you to include information specific to individual subscribers in your messages. When you create your message and add personalization fields, you need to provide the personalization value for the test.

Unless you manually add the value for your personalization field for your test message, the system will omit that personalization field for your test message. The reason for this is because the personalization field is populated by subscribers information in your list. Since you're sending a test to yourself, the system needs to know where to draw that information from which originates from the value you manually provide.

This article explains how to add in your personalization value prior to sending yourself a test of your message.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you are on the Follow Up Series section or the Broadcasts section, click the button "Send a Test" under the message you would like to test.

  2. From the window that pops up, under "Personalize", enter in your name before clicking the "Send Test" button.


  3. If you're currently within a follow up or broadcast message, click the "Preview & Test" button from within the message editor.

  4. From the "Preview & Test" section, click the "Personalize" drop down menu, and enter in your name before clicking the "Send Test" button.

That's it! Now your test message will contain the name you entered prior to sending yourself the test. Each subscribers name would automatically be populated into the personalization field from the details submitted when they signed up for your list.

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