What are the features of AWeber's API?

AWeber provides an API, allowing customers to easily connect their AWeber accounts with other sites and services online. AWeber users don't really need to interact with the API itself at all - you can simply use AWeber apps that developers have already created.

If you are a developer though and looking to use the API, this article provides the features of the AWeber API.

The API exposes all types of information about an AWeber account and allows for special functions or features that may not be available in the account itself. Things like removing unsubscribed subscribers from lists in your account before the billing period ends can be easily done using an application developed with the API.

Here is a hierarchical representation of the API showing how each object is related.

             Workflow chart example

Below are some of the operations you can perform with various parts of an account. 

AWeber Account:

  • Get all lists on the account ordered by list name
  • Find a Subscriber that exists on any list
  • Retrieve all web forms and web form split tests on the account
  • See all integrations the account has connected to (Facebook, Twitter)


  • Find a list by id or name within an account
  • Get subscriber stats for each list:
    • Total subscribers on your list
    • Total subscribed today
    • Total unconfirmed
    • Total unsubscribed
    • ... and more


  • Create a broadcast message
  • Retrieve all messages on a list
  • Get the subscribers that a message was sent to
  • See open rates, clicks and unique statistics on each message for each subscriber
  • Return total number of messages sent
  • Schedule or cancel a broadcast message
  • Get spam complaints for a message 


  • Retrieve a list of subscribers for a list
  • Get the last follow up the subscriber received
  • Change the follow up number for a subscriber
  • Move subscribers between lists
  • Delete subscribers you don't like

Custom Fields:

  • Update, create, delete custom fields
  • Use these fields to create segments and create targeted emails


  • Get subscriber activity
  • Create and monitor custom tracking events, click events or opens

Web Forms:

  • Check conversion percentages
  • Retrieve the html and javascript links for each web form
  • Get split test results and activity

So What?

The API serves as a direct representation of an AWeber account that can expand the current options to create apps that do amazing things. The sky is the limit, but here are some examples of integrations:

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